Top Things That You Must Pack for Your Kerala Trip

Kerala Trip

Kerala has already established its name as one of the popular tourist destinations in India, especially in South India. This place is thronged with lush greeneries, backwaters, islands, hill stations, beaches, shrines and temples. That’s why every year a chunk of tourists come to visit this place.

When you are planning a trip to Kerala, you need to take a special care of your clothes and other wearables. Because they will not only enhance your look and appearance but also help you to stay comfortable with the climate of the place.

  1. Packing list in rainy season

Being a topical state, Kerala is very hot and humid throughout the year. But in the monsoon, Kerala gets a huge amount of rain. So, if you are planning to visit Kerala in the rainy season, don’t forget to pack a pair of the umbrella. An umbrella will protect you from a frequent rainstorm in the rainy season.

You also pack some extra clothes like extra socks, pants, t-shirts, underwear, and other standard items. In the rainy season, your clothes will get wet and it will take some time to become dry. That’s why you should pack more clothes than usual. Though towels are available in the hotels or local shops, still you bring some extra towel if you get nailed by a thunderstorm.

  1. Packing list in other seasons

If you are planning to visit Kerala in other seasons, then pack some casual wear items like t-shirts, shorts, three quarters, socks, and other topical clothes. Since the weather is very hot throughout the year, so there will be a lot of sun exposure. Don’t forget to bring sunscreens and moisturizers Especially if you are planning to spend a lot of time on the beaches. Bring a pair of sandals and comfortable shoes because you need to walk a lot. There are a plethora of places in Kerala.

So, if you want to explore them bring a pair of comfortable footwear so that you can’t get any shoe bites or cuts during walking. The sandals are imperative if you visit museums or other buildings, as you will be required to remove your shoes. Caps and hats also play an important role in your Kerala trip.

They will reduce the sun’s impact on you. So, don’t forget to bring them with you. Sunglasses will be a good idea too because you don’t want to tire your eyes during your Kerala trip. If you are planning to visit Kerala, then you must want to spend some time in the houseboats in Kerala. Don’t forget to bring mosquito repellent and cream if you want to spend an entire night in the houseboats.

Are you planning to participate in various water activities and sports or any plan for swimming during your trip? If yes, then must bring your swimwear.

  1. Packing list for hill stations

Kerala has many hill stations like Munnar which are equally attractive like the beaches and backwaters. If you have any plan to visit Munnar, then bring warmer clothes like a woolen sweater, jacket, hand gloves, shocks, trekking boot, etc.

  1. Camera

The scenic beauty of Kerala is simply astounding. Thus, it’s a favourite place for all the photography lovers. You will certainly get clicked during your Kerala trip so that you can cherish those beautiful moments later in your life. That’s why it is highly advisable to pack your camera for the journey. The mobile camera will work too if you have a good-quality mobile phone with you. Apart from the camera, bring other electronic devices like mobile phone, charger, power bank etc. with you for your Kerala trip.

These are your clothing items and other indispensable things that you need to pack while you are planning to spend some days in Kerala. You can contact your nearest tour operators for the best Kerala tour packages.



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