Seven ways in which women can keep safe while they are in India

Seven ways in which women can keep safe while they are in India

When it comes to safety, we are all super cautious. Though India is a safe place compared to its neighbours in the subcontinent, a few unfortunate incidents that have made it to the headlines have harmed its reputation. Of course, if you are a single woman travelling to India, you will have your concerns and we are here to sort them out for you so that you embrace the country with a free mind!

Have the Right Information
If you are on a visit- be it a monument in a big city or a far-off temple in a small village, make sure you have the right information. You can carry the visiting card of your hotel at all times so that you know where to get back in case you are lost and have your manager’s number saved so that any little trouble and you could reach him or her right away. Next, be in terms with the places you have planned to visit so that nobody fools around into taking you to a place which does not exist.

Always choose a Government Guide
As soon as you enter an important site, there will be several local guides willing to offer their services at lower prices. However, make sure you look for the ticket booth and ask for an official government guide so that there are no chances of you ending up in a wrong place and the information you receive is beyond the wiki level!

Take a Pre-Paid  or Company Taxi
In case you have to go out and explore the local market or visit the temple to witness the evening prayers, always try to take a prepaid taxi, which is usually available at the airports and railway stations. If you are nowhere close to a prepaid booth, download the OLA or UBER taxi applications so that you can travel safely on a certified company taxi with a GPS-tracked route!

Always pick the right person when you ask for help
Indians are super friendly and will be more than willing to help you out at all times. However, remember that there are a few odd people who could create unnecessary troubles. Hence, when you need help, look around carefully and always pick the right person- preferably a lady, school student or local shop owner. Next, when you ask your question, make sure that you are calm and confident so that no one can assume that you are lost and can be fooled! Also, just to be double sure, try and cross check the information you have received with the internet at all times and reconfirm in case of any disparity!

Update yourself with the local Emergency Numbers
There are hardly any chances that you will get into some problem but it is always better to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Remembering a few emergency numbers like 100 for the police, 102 for an ambulance, 101 for fire and most importantly 181 for the women’s helpline and 1363 for the tourist’s helpline will not only come handy when you need them the most but will also instil a sense of confidence while you travel!

Look out for the Ladies Quota/ Tourist Quota
Though your travel agent will make sure you are provided with the best if you stay a day or two extra and are willing to explore on your own, make sure that you use the Ladies Quota/Tourist Quota option for train reservations or site visits. There are always seats reserved for ladies almost everywhere so that you do not have to struggle amongst a bunch of strangers to find yourself a place. Most holy sites, too, have a separate entry and queue for women so that you feel safe and more comfortable.

Pack a small bottle of Pepper Spray with you
Just to reduce the hype or perhaps tackle your fear when it comes to women travelling alone in India, make sure you are armed with a pepper spray so that you know that you will never be in major trouble. We recommend this to our lady travellers not because they are likely to use it but simply because it is a token of safety and just lets you feel more secure, eliminating any feelings of helplessness that you may have developed because of adverse publicity in India.

It is actually more about feeling safe- because the minute you know that you are prepared to tackle any sort of problem, your mind will have less to worry about and more to enjoy and celebrate out of the Indian treats and visual delights around you.



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