Here is How to Logout your Facebook account If you forgot login at another PC


New Delhi: All of us have a habit that we forget something instead of Something. Because of which we sometimes get stuck in big trouble. Especially when there are more problems at that time when you forget to logout your Facebook account.

You forget to log out of anyone’s phone, cafe, office. Which is a very serious problem because someone can misuse your account. Because of which you can get trapped in big trouble.

If this ever happens to you, then we are telling you about such tricks in your news. Using which you can log out your Facebook account at any time. Know about this tricks which are very easy too.

First, log in to your Facebook account. After that go to the main menu.
After coming to the main menu, go to the security option and go to the audit option where you are logged in.
After going into it you will get the option of the concert section. It will also be seen in the last location and which device it is using.
In which you click on All in End Activity. Apart from this, if you have forgotten your login account, you can use it. This will save your account securely.



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