Expect Government Control on Media after what happened to SHYAM RANGEELA in Great Indian Laughter Challenge


Coming up as an unexpected political game, STAR PLUS authorities surprisingly stopped a famous comedian from mimicking Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi on their channel. The incident is a part of “Great Indian Laughter Challenge” Episode shoot. Although, the video is already trending in news with “Shyam Rangeela modi mimicry” keyword. The issue is reported by the comedian himself. It is not very late since a journalist in Maharashtra was killed for expressing his views. Not only this, The leaders of “The Wire” were also accused of criminal activities when they revealed secret earnings of BJP Leader Amit Shah’s son.

Recent activities push us to think about if the Government of India is trying to get hold of MEDIA freedom. We cannot expect good democracy without the freedom of speech. We are all aware of media restrictions on NEWS CHANNELS by Chinese and North Korean governments. We all condemn those actions. What if the same ideology is brought to our nation too? An unsuccessful try for the same was made by BJP Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje 2 days ago in Rajasthan, you can read the complete story here.

This is what Happened with Shyam Rangeela Comedy

Shyam Rangeela is a famous mimicry artist pursuing this art of comedy since many years. The team of “Great Indian Laughter Challenge” approached him with a proposal to participate in their comedy show. He accepted the offer and shot a few episodes for this Television show. Shyam Rangeela Modi mimicry video is currently dominating social media and video platforms. It was performed on STAR PLUS’s Great Indian Laughter Challenge show. He got a standing ovation from all the judges including Akshay Kumar, Zakir Khan and Mallika Dua.

Shyam Rangeela reported to a news channel that he was approached by STAR PLUS team and asked to re-shoot his episode. The step was taken because he portrayed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi in the act. The channel first allowed him to do mimicry of Rahul Gandhi in Great Indian Laughter Challenge but then stopped him from that too.

What “Great Indian Laughter Challenge Show,” said

The team of the show asked him to do for not hurting sentiments of “some people”. “It may offend some people and they might protest against them,” said a STAR PLUS representative to Shyam Rangeela. This video under Shyam Rangeela Comedy is already many video platforms including Youtube. It is trending in top comedy trends for past couple of days.

In past few episodes, judges of GREAT INDIAN LAUGHTER CHALLENGE themselves told participants that they are free to practice whatever comedy they can perform on this stage. Now this step of STAR INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is completely opposite to their own team. We tried to approach the producers of this comedy show but did not receive any reply.



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