Whatsapp brought awesome features, now you can do Chat along with Video Call


New Delhi: Instant Messaging App WhatsApp has brought 2 new features for its users. These two new features have also been released for Android, as well as for the iOS platform. These two new features include Picture-In-Picture Mode and Text Only Stats for Video Calls. These attractive features of this number of subscribers with more than 100 crores can be successful in wooing its users even more. Let’s tell you that WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, is the world’s largest social networking website.

The feature of Picture-In-Picture mode is that users can now decide the size of the video calling window according to their size. Not only that, they can take him anywhere on the screen. This means that if the user wants to send a text message to another person during video calling, then through this feature he will be able to do this easily. WhatsApp did the test-in-picture feature’s testing on Android itself at the beginning of the year.

Apart from this, now WhatsApp users can update the status as well. Earlier, user status could only use photos or videos as an update. Now the latest version of WhatsApp will be able to select the background color and write text on it. This status of a special type of text can last only 24 hours. Earlier this feature was made available to iPhone users only, however, now it has reached everyone.



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