What is GDPR and How it will affect you?


Over the past few years, Various companies have been accused of stealing data from users. In such a case it becomes necessary that there is a law that can protect the users’ confidential information. Keeping this in mind, a new data law has been implemented from May 25 in the European Union (EU), which has been named General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is believed that this law, which has been implemented in Europe, will have an impact on the whole world. Let’s know what is in this law:

What is GDPR?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new Privacy Law of the countries of the European Union. GDPR is now replaced by the old law made in 1995. Now, when it comes to being implemented, companies should take care of your data in any manner that it is completely safe. After the introduction of this law, users have already got more control over their personal data.

How do users benefit?

Once GDPR is implemented, companies will not be able to use your information without your permission. Companies will have to accept your consent for the use of any information related to you. For this, they will contact you via email. Talking to companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter, they have already changed their privacy settings and made them according to the new law.

Will the companies still be able to store your data?

Yes, companies will definitely be able to store your data, but they should have a reasonable reason for this. Before submitting any personal data connected to you, they will have to take your permission. In addition, companies will not be able to conceal the conditions or conditions hidden in any aspect. However, if the data associated with you is to be used in the works of the public, then the companies will be able to use it without your permission.

What will the companies do when the data is stolen?

After any case of data theft comes out, the companies will have to give information to the concerned authorities about it within 72 hours. Companies will be able to keep people’s data till then, unless it is necessary to do so. If a person feels that his data should not be with a particular company, then he can ask to delete his personal information from the company’s server. These rules are currently being implemented in the European Union. If any data from any person living here is used in any part of the world, then it will also be within the purview of this law.

What if the law breaks?

There is a provision of strict action against companies breaking this law. If a company is found to be guilty of violation of this law, then it can be compensated upto 4 percent of its annual global sales. In this case, in the case of big technology companies, this damages can be up to thousands of crores rupees. At the same time, the amount of damages for small companies has been fixed at $ 23.5 million or approximately 160 million rupees.



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