Vodafone’s Student Scheme offers 84GB data for Rs 352 with Unlimited calling


New Delhi: Vodafone has launched a new plan to combat Reliance Jio. This plan has been done to attract students. Under this plan, unlimited calls will be available for 84 days and 1GB 4G / 3G data per day. The price of this plan has been kept at Rs 352.

Vodafone has announced the ‘Vodafone Campus Survival Kit’ for the students in Delhi-NCR. This plan is just for new connections. Its first price is Rs 445. Under its unlimited voice calls to students for 84 days, 1 GB 3 4G / 3G data, discount coupons, messenger bags will be free every day.

After that, you will be able to take these plans at the price of Rs 352. That is, for the first time, Rs 445 will be given for survival kit. Which offers many coupons.

Alok Verma, business head of Vodafone India Delhi Circle, said, “The Survival Kits are for Rs. 445. It has Ola, Zomato and other concessional booklets. It is valid for 84 days. After 84 days, there will be recharge in 352 rupees and there will be similar facilities. ”

Vodafone has launched a plan of Rs. 244 earlier. Whose validity will be for 70 days?

The user will be given 1 GB data every day in this plan. Along with this, unlimited calling will be available. In this way, 70 GB data and unlimited calls will be available in this plan. This benefit will be available to the customer on the first recharge only.

At the same time, the validation of this recharge will be valid for 35 days. But the data received will be 70 GB and unlimited calls will continue to be available.



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