US data breach $70 billion lawsuit filed against Equifax


Washington: Almost half of American population became victims of cyber fraud in the credit reporting agency Equifax. A Democratic Senator has demanded a probe, while a lawsuit has been filed against the company for compensation of $ 70 billion (about 4 lakh 48 thousand crores). According to the report released late on Friday by the New York Post, Sen. Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin requested the Senate commerce committee to hear Equifax hack, which has disclosed sensitive personal data of 14.30 million Americans.

EquiFax said in a statement earlier this year that the hackers took advantage of a disturbance in the use of the company’s website from mid-May to July, and through it the names of the customers, social security number, date of birth, address and driving license number Got access There are some disputed documents along with information related to the personal identification of nearly 2 lakh 9 thousand consumers and about one lakh 82 thousand consumers. Baldwin has written to the committee, “In the matter of leaking data in the country’s largest consumer debt reporting agency Equifax recently, I write to urge you to hear an issue affecting the lives of millions of Americans today. I am here. “The American Financial Services Committee has also announced a hearing on the case of major data theft.
According to the report, “Equifax detected this data theft on July 29, but people were alerted about it on September 7. Meanwhile, 3 senior executives of the company had sold shares worth $ 18 million. According to media reports, customers and security experts have strongly criticized equity fax for insufficient response to data theft. Equifax is also contacting the US State and Federal Regulators and sending all the written notifications to the State Extra Specialists, in which the company’s contact information is included for regulatory inquiries.



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