Trump Wants To Regulate Google Search


Search giant Google is lately being alleged by the Trump administration that search results are being manipulated to display negative stories about the president and his government. It is learned White House would explore regulating it.

A tweet from Trump read that the search returns for keywords “Trump News” were rigged and almost all the stories displayed were bad.

Top economic adviser of the Trump government, Larry Kudlow, said it is now worked how to regulate Google.

However, lawmakers point out that regulating search results could violate First Amendment of free-speech and so the government can only monitoring it.

Republican Senator John Neely Kennedy said, “We can all agree on one thing: Poison is being spread on the Internet, but what is poison? Somebody is going to have to step in and be a neutral arbiter of what can go on, and what can’t.”

Meanwhile, tech giant Google has denied such allegations saying the search results are not politically biased.

Another tweet later from Trump’s account read Google, Facebook and Twitter are trending on troubled territory and they need to be careful.

Google has powerful algorithms in its search product and the company claims it is neutral and non-biased. Spokeswoman Riva Sciuto said they strive to offer the most relevant answers to the queries typed in the bar of the search engine.



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