Tips to Buy Best Mobile Phone Power Bank


New Delhi: Now mobile phones are no longer just calling devices. All kinds of people have used them for many tasks. It is difficult for the working people to spend an hour without a mobile phone. There is a lot of anger when the battery of a mobile phone is discharged. In this way, you take the power bank. You should buy the right power bank for yourself. Know about the special things related to Power Bank – Take more power than the phone, check the MAH capability written above before purchasing PowerBank. This capacity should be more than your smartphone i.e. your phone’s battery is 2000 mAh, then you have the power bank of 2500 mAh above. This phone will be worth the full charge at least once.

Check Input Current Check the input current when purchasing power bank. Old phone batteries do not charge more than 1 amper for charging. New handsets require 2.1 emergency input current. The input current is written on the real charger of the mobile phone. Powerbank two types of USB ports 1A and 2.1A. Please note that on the type of battery you should also pay attention to the type of power bank’s sales. Check whether it is lithium ion or lithium polymers. Lithium ion cells are cheap. Lithium polymers are expensive, but give more charge densities per unit.



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