For the past couple of years, JeetWin has embraced the idea of interactive gaming, and has taken this concept to greater heights. With the idea of giving the Indian gamers the chance to truly understand, and experience the rush of playing casino games, JeetWin has made conscious efforts to bring various popular casino games to the Indian gamers, for them to play in the comfort of their homes.

This month, JeetWin once again teams up with one of the biggest celebrities on the planet, as Sunny Leone gets in on the act to usher in the online gaming revolution! After understanding the scope of JeetWin’s work, and believing in their ethos and vision, Sunny became JeetWin’s brand ambassador, as the two brands embarked on a journey that would completely change the face of online gaming in the country.

Operated by Sky Infotech Limited, JeetWin has made big strides over the past two years, firmly establishing itself as the leader in online gaming in India. JeetWin’s belief in innovation and their unwavering commitment to its members has seen the organization evolve over the past two years, both in terms of technology and aligning strategy, ideation and execution for delivering the best possible gaming experience to their members.

Sunny Leone meets JeetWin on May 25th

Sunny Leone needs no introduction. The gorgeous diva has turned up the heat, and has set the temperatures soaring on the silver screen, and on 25th May, JeetWin members will have the opportunity to interact with the vivacious star. However, there is more to it than just Sunny making an appearance, as she will exemplify JeetWin’s commitment to innovation, and will be a part of the creative edge that has placed JeetWin at the forefront of the online gaming revolution in the country.

What has set JeetWin apart from its competitors, is their willingness to take a chance, and never back down from a challenge. JeetWin’s vision has seen the organization embrace technological innovation, resulting in JeetWin starting various avant – grande promotions and campaigns. One of the highlights on is the live casino section, where the players can partake in games that happen in real time, with live dealers they can interact with while playing.

The concept of having live dealers is revolutionary, and on May 25th, Sunny Leone will take on the responsibilities of a live dealer, and will be interacting with the JeetWin members while they play live casino games! This not only reaffirms JeetWin’s commitment to bring exciting events to its members but also highlights their intention of becoming a global force to be reckoned with, amalgamating technology with exciting ideas.

Leading up to the mega – event, JeetWin and Sunny Leone will announce various competitions on their social media accounts, for the fans to prepare themselves for the momentous occasion. Last year, a few lucky fans had the opportunity to meet Sunny Leone in person, and chances are, there will be a few others this year who can meet the Junoesque diva, and interact with her. The A-Lister will play Dragon Tiger on JeetWin, along with all the other members, and there is more than just the bragging rights up for grabs, with JeetWin set to announce various lucrative prizes for the winners.

JeetWin – Leading innovation through interactive gaming

JeetWin’s motto has always been to offer its members the best possible gaming experience, while constantly trying to integrate state of the art technology with the most popular casino games. With their exemplary commitment to providing the gamers with a wide range of casino games, JeetWin has become the most trusted online casino game platform in the country.

Apart from live casino games, JeetWin also offers a host of traditional casino games, and the players have a multitude of options to choose from. The players can also take part in some of the most popular online casino games, including the likes of Baccarat, Andar Bahar and Dragon Tiger.

JeetWin and Sunny Leone’s association reaffirms JeetWin’s position as the leading online casino platform in the country, and Sunny will be heading over to JeetWin later this month, to interact and enchant the players with her bravado. With Lady Luck herself at the table dealing the cards, the players are assured of winning exciting prizes and have a memorable evening with one of India’s biggest celebrities.

So head over to JeetWin today, and gear up for an exciting evening with Sunny Leone on May 25th!



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