Religious people are more positive while atheists are angry on Facebook says Case study


Washington: According to a study, the language of users on Facebook is influenced by the religious affiliations. It has been said in this study that religious people have more chances to use words such as happiness, family, and love in their Facebook post, whereas those who do not have faith in religion use words like “anger”.

This study was done on 12,815 users of Facebook, which found that the use of positive emotion and social terms is associated with religious affiliation, whereas emotional terms like ‘anger’ and ‘thinking’ are more common for those people who are not religious David Yaden of University of Pennsylvania said that non-religious people often use words like body and death.

The people in the study group collected data from My Personality App, which asked Facebook users to tell about their religious affiliations. Religious people used more religious terms like blessings and prayers. They showed greater interest in the use of positive words like love and family. At the same time, non-religious people used words like anger.



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