Reliance Jio Rs 500 4G Phone Can be Launched on 21st July These will be special features


New Delhi: Reliance Jio Rs 500 4G mobile phone can be launched tomorrow i.e on July 21. Let me tell you that the annual meeting of Reliance Jiao is going on 21 where this phone can be announced. In this meeting, Mukesh Ambani can make many important announcements, which can trigger a stir once again in the telecom industry.

Target to sell 20 million phones
Reliance Industries aims to sell 20 million feature phones in the next two years. It is reported that Jio is keeping the price of its 4G feature phones low because its plan is to attract 2G and 3G subscribers to 4G. It is reported that for filling the low price of this phone, the price will be increased from 10 to 15 dollars i.e. around Rs 700 / – per phone.

These will be special features
Reliance Jio’s 500 rupees feature phone will have functions like a smartphone. In this, many apps like Jio TV, Jio Money, will be installed default. Although it will not have a touchscreen, it will have a keypad. But it will have all the other features including Wi-Fi. It is believed that the sale of this phone can be taken out in August after launch on July 21.




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