Reliance Jio Plans changed Check how much it will cost you


Reliance Jio has made changes in its prepaid and postpaid tariff plan according to the promise. New plans have also been implemented since October 19. Now there are many questions in your mind. Has Jio once again offered cheap plans? Where have the plans become expensive? After seeing the plan at first glance, it will be said that now the customers are not getting the same benefit as before. But new Jio prepaid and postpaid plans are economical compared to other telecom companies as before. How much will the impact of change made in the Reliance Jio plan on your wallet? Let’s answer this question.

Start with a prepaid plan. The company’s efforts have been to ensure that there is no tampering with the price of the plan. However, the legitimacy of several recharge plans has decreased, so some of the 4G data will get lesser than before. Firstly take the Jio Dhan Dhan Dhar of 399 rupees. Earlier this plan comes with a validity of 84 days. But now its validity has been 70 days. There is no change in the offer available with this plan. Even now, customers will find unlimited data for use every day, only 4GB speed will get only 1 GB data. Unlimited calls and SMS facility are available.

The cost of the old Recharge Pack of Rs 399 has now gone up to Rs 459. That means you have to spend more than 60 rupees now. In the Jio Plan, customers will receive 1 GB 4G data every day for 84 days. With this, free phone calls will also be available. Free SMS and the free subscription to all the company’s applications will be available.

In the first 309 rupee Jio pack, it received 1 GB data for 56 days, but now it has not been included in the list of prepaid recharge. However, the user has the option of selecting this pack while recharging.

Now in the Jio Plan of Rs 999, we will get 60 GB instead of 90 GB. The validity of this plan is still 90 days and there is no change in other offers. The same has been done with a pack of 1,999 and 4,999 rupees. In the Jio Plan of Rs 1,999, customers will now get 125 GB data instead of 155 GB, with the validity of 180 days. At the same time, a plan of Rs 4,999 will be given 350 GB instead of 380 GB data. This plan comes with 360 days validity. These changes show that the company has not made any tampering in the price, only 4G Speed data has changed.

Considering the small recharge pack, the customer will now find 150 MB of data instead of 200 MB at Recharge of 19 rupees. Explain that another major change has been made in the speed of the customers after the expiry of the 4G data limit in all data plans. After the first 4G data limit was reached, data was received from the speed of 128 kbps. But now customers will find data from 64 kbps speed.

It is not that customers have just suffered losses. The user who selects a major benefit of the change in tariff plans will have a plan of Rs 149. Now, these users will get 4 GB of data instead of 2 GB to use for 28 days.

Now, look at the postpaid plan. Postpaid users can be shocked that the validity of all plans has been reduced. All postpaid plans in Jio now come with a billing cycle that is valid for 30 days. Remember that the first postpaid customers of Reliance Jio had to pay a single bill for three months. However, now there is a security deposit with every postpaid plan and when the fixed 4G speed data is over, internet data will be available at 64 kbps speed.

Talk about the plan, the plan for Rs 309 is still included in the postpaid listing. The security deposit of 400 rupees in this plan gives 30 GB of data every day. At the same time, a Rs 409 pack will have to deposit 500 rupees and the user will get 20 GB data without any daily limit.

In the plan of 509 rupees, 60 GB data is available for 2 GB per day and security deposit is 600 rupees. If you want 3 GB of data every day, you can take a new Rs 799 by depositing Rs 950. The most expensive postpaid plan for Jio is Rs 999, in which the user gets 60 GB data without any daily limit. The security deposit for this pack is Rs 1,150.




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