Nokia 3 Detailed Review, Specification and More

Nokia 3 Review

Nokia 3 of the brand’s latest Android smartphone, the most affordable Nokia 3, was launched in India last month. Nokia has come back to the Indian market after many days, but keep in mind that Nokia no longer calls itself. At one time, the smartphone is considered to be the world’s emperor, Nokia has returned HMD Global. HMD is a company of Global Finland, who runs Nokia and Microsoft’s former employees. According to the Deals Declined last year, HMD Global will create and sell Nokia brand smartphones in the global market for the next 10 years. The company is very confident in the Nokia brand. On the other hand, fans were eagerly waiting for this handset, which was finally launched.

The new avatar Nokia 3310 was first introduced in the Indian market. It got mixed responses. The other two Android smartphones, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 have not yet been made available in the market. Frankly, the most prominent headlines in the Mobile World Congress 2017 were the Nokia Brand. But there is a lot of difference between headlines and sales. The sales of these handsets will be much higher when the customer will feel that they are strong phones.

HMD Global is marketing Nokia 3 as a handset whose design is excellent and customers will experience pure Android with regular updates in the budget. The price of Nokia 3 has been kept so that it is getting directly from many popular handsets. However, the roads are not easy for this. To make a special place in the Indian market through phone, HMD Global will have to outwit handsets like Xiaomi Redmi 4, Moto G5 and Yu Yureka Black. Nokia 3 is also being said that this Android phone has all the essential Android features. Is it enough? Let’s try to know.

Nokia 3 design

Nokia 3 has been introduced in a white color retail box. This will remind you of the days of Nokia. Seeing the phone, you will also miss the Lumia range handset running on the Windows Mobile platform. But the similarity is limited to just design because Nokia 3 runs on Android. If you look at smartphones with less than Rs 10,000 in the market, you will find that all these phones are metal unibody and their designs are similar. Whether it’s Yuareka black or Xiaomi Redmi 4 We think the Nokia 3 budget is new in the budget segment. Nokia 3 is not a full-metal body phone In this, polycarbonate is used on the rear side and the design of the metal frame emerges with the design. Nothing is unique, but it does not look cheap.

In this hand, the feel of this phone is by far the best in this segment. During the review, we used this phone without any friction in one hand. Due to square texture, it is easy to flip the phone from all sides. We got the Nokia 3 Black Mac unit for review. It is also available in Silver White color. Power and volume buttons are on the right side But to match the phone body, their color is also black.

On the left side, you will find different slots for both SIM card and MicroSD card. That’s good because in recent times companies have shown greater confidence in the hybrid slot. At the bottom, you will get a charging port with the speaker grill. At the top, the 3.5mm audio jack on the top has got the place. If you look carefully, you can see the antenna band at the top and bottom. Nokia’s logo is on the front and back, exactly like Nokia’s old handsets.

It was easy to type on the phone. The phone with 8.48 millimeters thickness is diluted with Radmi 4. But the phone with Xiaomi has a bigger battery. During the review, we found that the power and volume buttons have been conveniently placed at a much higher level. While using one hand we found that access to these buttons was not easy. We also lacked fingerprint sensor which is common in today’s date handset. The capacitive buttons of this handset are not backlit. This means that you will have trouble finding them in the dark.

In the retail box of Nokia 3, you will find a guide book, a charger, a USB cable and a sim ejector tool.

Specifications and software of Nokia 3

Nokia 3 has a 5-inch IPS LCD screen, which is 720×1280 pixels. There is a protection of 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass. It has a 1.3 GHz quad-core media tech MT-6737 chipset with 2 GB RAM. Inbuilt Storage is 16 GB and if it is necessary, it will be possible to use MicroSD card up to 128 GB. There are 8-megapixel sensors on the front and back panel. The rear camera comes with F / 2.0 aperture, autofocus and LED flash. On the other hand, the front camera also has autofocus and it comes with 84-degree field of view. The phone has 2630 mAh battery. Support for 4G and Voice Over LTE is available. Connectivity features include USB-OTG, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Nokia 3 is one of the select smartphones of the budget segment, which comes with Android Noaga. You will experience Stock Android. You will find all the notifications in one app. It is possible to reply to any message only with notification pop-ups. By notification management, the user will be able to disable notifications of a specific app. It would be possible to switch between the app by double-tapping the overview button. Apart from this, the settings app will also come in the new avatar. Split screen multitasking will also be possible. Nokia 3 out of the box supports Android Assistant. This feature is not currently in many phones of this price segment.

In addition to monthly security updates, HMD Global has also promised to provide an update to Android OS when Nokia 3 is made available.

Nokia 3 Performance and Camera

Nokia 3 plays its role in daily use. GPS navigation and long after playing games, the phone does not get too hot. Probably due to such polycarbonate backs

However, we found that the phone had a little slow during multitasking. Switching from one app to another app found a little lag. Let me tell you that 12 apps were already open in the background. The phone handles common games easily. But with a much more powerful graphics game like Need for Speed, this is definitely slow. The phone played a variety of video and audio files easily.

A loudspeaker is suitable for small rooms. The sound comes clear. The same can be said about the earphones given in the retail box. The funny thing is that Nokia 3 is among the select handsets that come with the bundled earphones.

Nokia 3’s 5-inch display has color reproduction and brightness. We enjoyed watching videos on Nokia 3’s screen. We found that this budget is one of the best segment of the segment, especially in the sunlight and watching angle case. But it is also worth noting that you get a full HD screen in the cheap U Eureka Black from Nokia 3.

Nokia 3 did not impress us with benchmark results. Shaomi Redmi 4 (Review) and Yue Yureka Black (review) gave better results in these tests.

The 8-megapixel rear camera works fine in good lighting. Autofocus also works fast There was a detail in the sample shot taken in good light and a little voyage on the edges. However, we also found that there was a lack of detail in the dim blur of the sample. And there was more exposure in the big area. Many times the white balance in pictures was also messy. Nokia 3 also has HDR mode but it does not switch in time if needed. We feel that this feature can prove to be effective at times. Sadly, the photos in low light have not been very good. Autofocus is slow. And for the samples we shot, there was a lack of detail. There was too much noise.

In Nokia 3, you will have the facility to record 1080 pixel video. And the quality is also fine. The front camera of the phone also disappointed. Despite the autofocus feature, many times the images were blurred. If you want you can use Nokia 3 for the video call or selfie, but do not expect too much in quality.

However, we liked the camera app. Its user interface is very easy to understand. More functions can be activated in a single tap. In the white fish mode, the phone tries to improve the photo by putting some filters, but it is not always effective.

Nokia 3 battery life

Nokia 3’s battery lasted 16-18 hours on frozen use. There is nothing shocking in this, especially considering the capacity of 2630 mAh. We used the phone for about a week and we can say that the phone has given better battery life only if not too much use. Our HD video loop test lasted 10 hours and 25 minutes, which is OK for this size phone. You will not get fast charging support. It took about 2 hours for the phone to charge zero to 100 percent of battery.

Our decision

Nokia 3 is sold in India for 9,499 rupees. It is a good handset to look and you will get VoLTE support with 4G. Another good thing is that the company promises Android updates in the future. In every department, its performance and camera do not go in favor of it. We also lacked fingerprint sensor, it should now be a common feature.

We think Nokia 3 is made for the first time smartphone user if you are successful in buying it from a nearby shop. In this price, you also have the option of Shomemi Redmi 4 and Yuareka Black. Both handsets are better in terms of performance. Asus ZenFone Live also offers a strong challenge in this price range.



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