Net Neutrality Repealed By FCC, Be Ready To lose The Open Internet


The federal communications commission has voted to repeal the order passed by Obama administration for Net Neutrality. FCC chairman Ajit Pai is of the view that Net neutrality is killing the internet, and repealing the net neutrality is the only solution.

Many top companies such as Google and Netflix have strongly opposed the move, which they think will kill openness and transparency of the Internet. There are protests happening in the multiple cities of the USA against the order which repeals the Net Neutrality. People all across the Globe have been very vocal about their support to the cause of providing an open internet. The attorney general of Multiple states of the USA has said that they will sue the FCc order in the court.

People need open and legal content which is not throttled or manipulated by the Internet service providers(ISP). Obama in 2015 brought a bill, which barred the  Broadband service providers to block,  slow or provide any preferential treatment to any particular content. Though internet was always free and open, and this will only put a permanent ban on prioritization of content by the Service providers such as Verizon and Comcast.

Net Neutrality

It is the basic quality of internet which allowed the companies to grow and provide the best content without any preferential treatment to any particular content. Under the new law, anyone can pay the internet service providers to provide their content ahead of others on the network.

It goes without saying that companies having deep pockets will have a major advantage in the new system if the bill is passed at the congressional meeting. The smaller companies or the new startups may not be able to provide their content and offering with the same speed as other major corporations. The internet service providers will become the controller, and start regulating content produced on the internet.

They may slow down your favourite website if it does not pay them a substantial amount. And, provides faster services to other content providers who have paid them a substantial amount or greater amount than the other providers. FCC claims that since ISPs do not involve in such kind of practices it is unnecessary to put a blanket ban on such activities. This will create competition in the service providers to improve their content as envisioned by the FCC.

The Future Of Net Neutrality

Since major technology companies are against it, it provides them with an opportunity to fight together in this battle to save the openness and transparency of the Internet. FCC under the trump administration has come under heavy scrutiny from public and companies alike from the time they announced that they would repeal the net neutrality passed by the Obama administration.

The effect of this bill is going to be huge in terms of dominance of powerful technology companies as they are set to become more powerful players on the internet. The loss of diversity and transparency of the content on the internet will be the biggest effect of the bill.



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