Lava to introduce 6-7 new phones Under Rs 10,000


Shenzhen: The domestic company that makes mobile handsets, is focusing on mobile phones less than Rs. 10,000. The company can present 6-7 models to increase market share in this segment. Deepa Mahajan, of Lava International, said, “We want to focus on the mobile handset market with less than Rs. 10,000 and a strong position in the market with 6-7 models.

She said that our strategy is to increase the quantity by offering a limited number of products. Our research and development center is in Shenzhen, we are working hard to provide better products to our customers. The presence of lava is in 11 countries, including India, Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Mexico, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Egypt. The company has 8-9 feature phones and 6-7 smartphones. Lava’s mobile phones in these countries are giving tough competition to Chinese phones.

Existing market share in the handset market of lava less than Rs 10,000 is 11 percent. Mahajan hopes that India will be the center of IT and handset makers. Global brands are coming out of the country. He said that there are plenty of opportunities for the company.
According to CounterPoint Research, the phone sales in the country of less than Rs 10,000 are 59 percent of the phone’s share.



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