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The Truecaller started its call as a Caller ID app, and now this app is equipped with all features like spam call and messaging, smart dialer, call history. This year, the Android app of the Truecaller was upgraded to TrueCaller 8. And with this many new features were also added to the app. These include features like payment, recharge, and flash messaging. Truecaller is a popular app in India. And India is also the largest market for this app. Today we will tell you about the features of the Truecaller App that are extremely useful and make your everyday life easier.

Truecaller Flash Messaging

Flash Messenger support came in the Truecaller 8 Android app. Let’s say you’re in a meeting, or you are stuck in an emergency. With the help of flash messaging, you can send pre-written messages to any truecaller user. Apart from this, the Truecaller users can send emoji apart from their location.

Truecaller call me back

Talk about the “call me back” feature of the true-caller, it was presented at the end of last year. With this help whenever you call a person and if he does not call for any reason, you get two options. One of them is the ‘Call Back’ notification to that person and the second ‘call again’. This feature helps the common user, while e-commerce companies have the flexibility to deliver. If the second option is selected then the number is dialed again. If the receiver’s number is already stored in the phone book, the caller’s interface will be slightly different. If the number is the store and the receiver has kept the TrueCaller Last Seen update updated, then the caller will see the status bar.

Truecaller Call History and Inbuilt Dialer

From the Smart Call History feature, in the Truecaller call, instead of the unknown number, the actual name and face (if available) show, even if they do not have their number saved in the contact. Apart from this, it is known before calling on the live caller ID that your contact is available to talk at the time. At the same time, the call can be made through the help of a built-in dialer. Finding a number, options like call history, are also found in the app.

You can create a virtual payment address in the Truecaller Pay. Which can be used for any UPI based transaction. If your bank supports the UPI, you will be able to send or receive money through the Truecaller Pay. You will be able to recharge this type of wallet in a variety of different types like PayTm or recharge the Tata Sky account. If you want the user to pay the prepaid recharge and postpaid bill through Truecaller Pay then it can be done with this app. This new feature has been introduced in partnership with ICICI Bank.

All banking and transaction data will be managed by ICICI Bank. The truecaller app does not store your account details, credit or debit card information. The trailer is a part of the feature truecaller app. You do not need to download or install any apps separately. In place of this, you will only need the Truecaller App. After that, you can go to the profile page and click on Send Money Through UPI. And then you enter the UPA VPA or mobile number. Then tap on pay. Now you will have to pay the payment through the UPIN PIN. And in this way you can send money through the truecaller.

Truecaller id

The truecaller announced a partnership with India’s largest telecom company Airtel in March. After the partnership, the feature phone running on the Airtel network also said that the caller ID of the truecaller was working. And it does not even need data According to the company, the Caller is identified by the database of the truecaller. And this information is sent to the Airtel customers through Flash SMS before the calls are received on the phone.

Airtel and Truecaller give this service on a subscription basis. The purpose of this service is that the user does not need a smartphone or data service. Its name is “Airtel Truecaller ID”. This service has started all over the country in April. All users using a feature phone with the Airtel mobile network can take advantage of this service.



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