Jio phone: Don’t return this Phone before 3 Years Here’s why


The Jio phone is going to be more costly than you expected last time. Reliance Jio has started distributing Jio Phone handsets to six million subscribers in India and the company has shared the necessary terms and conditions for Jio phones on its website for the first time.

At the time of the launch of Jio Phone, Reliance Industries Managing Director Mukesh Ambani had said that the Jio phone will be effectively free for the customers. Because the customers who give Rs 1,500 to Reliance Jio will get back after 3 years. But at that time it was not disclosed that customers who buy the phone will have to recharge Rs 1,500 every year while using the phone for 3 years. Now the company has given information about this on the website.

The company has also disclosed that if customers return the Jio phone within 3 years then they will have to pay Rs 1,500.

Such that if you spend more than Rs 4,500 on the Jio Phone in the next three years, the company will give you an amount Rs 1,500 deposited for the handset.

“In order to continue using the Jio Phone, the user must recharge at least Rs 1,500 each year from Reliance Jio or any official retailer and will have to do this for three consecutive years.

But not only that, those who fail to recharges at least Rs 1,500 in 1 year, Reliance Jio will have the right to withdraw the handset. Apart from this, Reliance Jio says that such customers will also have to pay an extra fee to the company.

If you return Jio phone

The company has also given information about Reliance Jio phone return policy. Suppose, you realize that the phone is not made for you and you want to return it to the company. In such a situation, Reliance Jio says that those who will return the phone handset within the first year, they will have to give GST and other tax in addition to Rs 1,500. So if you plan to get rid of Jio phone in under a year, you will end up losing your deposit.

Customers who return the Jio Phone after one year but two years back, they will have to pay 1,000 rupees with GST and other charges. Similarly, the customers who return the device after two years but three years ago, will have to pay a fee of Rs 500, GST and another tax.

Reliance Jio reported this month that so far, six million more Jio phone handsets have already been pre-ordered. The company says that the customers have started receiving the phone.



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