Jio Mobile Phone Pre-booking Started here is how to Book

Jio Phone

NEW DELHI: Telecom company will start pre-booking of Jio phones from evening. The company is targeting the country’s nearly 50 million feature phone users through this phone and is aiming to supply 50 million Jio phones every week. Booking of Jio phones will begin today (24 August) from 5:30 pm. With the payment of Rs booking Pre phone 500 corporate websites and app Mayjio and can store Reliance Digital and more.

‘Jio phone’s effective price will be zero rupees’

The company has kept the price of this phone as Rs 1500 as a security deposit. At the time of pre-booking, Rs 500 will be deposited and the remaining 1000 will be paid on receipt of phone. The company says that if a customer returns Jio phone three years or 36 months before then Rs 1500 will be returned him. In this way, the effective price of Jio phone will be zero rupees.

The specialty of Jio Phone

According to the company, it has 4G technology and its handset are built in India, by Indians, and for Indians.
Customers of Reliance Jio will be able to use unlimited data at Rs 153 per month via Jio phone.
Voice call for the company’s customers is always free.

How will the pre-booking

Booking can be done both online and offline for the Jio phone. In offline mode, the booking will be done from Jio Retailers and Reliance Digital Stores. On the other hand, online mode can be booked from My Jio App and

Given the eagerness of people with Pre-booking of Jiophones Sources said while Company had made arrangements for offline and online. It is to be noted that this phone was announced at the annual general meeting of Reliance Industries on July 21. The company says that the phone will be supplied on a first come first served basis. According to sources, the phone supply will start in the first fortnight of September.




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