Huawei P20 Pro: Live Battery from 8.0


Huawei is the only one of the most important manufacturers to integrate very capacious batteries in its smartphones, it did it with previous models of the Mate series (last Mate 10 Pro) and is repeating the thing with P20 Pro and the 4000 mAh unit . The good news is that they are not affected by the dimensions, this latest model boasts a thickness of only 7.8 mm and a weight of 180g, in line with terminals of this size.

The capacity of the battery, however, does not always give certainty about autonomy, there are many factors involved, among which the System-on-Chip, software and process management in the background. Huawei hopes well with P20 Pro, during this day we will put stress on the terminal starting from a complete charge updating the live continuously with data, statistics and impressions.

P20 Pro that focuses on design and photos, in fact boasts three rear cameras that I can not wait to try on the streets of Berlin. Yes, I’m not in Italy, I can still use the data network without any problem and I have inserted two SIM cards (I will sail only with a Tre, obviously roaming).



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