Huawei edges out Apple in china to become the most preferred brand in china


Beijing: Apple has had a big setback in China to strengthen its roots. One survey has revealed that Chinese smartphone buyers have expressed trust on Huawei’s in domestic brand rather than the iPhone. According to a survey of Financial Times, more than 31.4 percent of respondents choose Huawei as their preferred brand and became the first choice of the valued customers. According to the report, those who said that their next smartphone will be iPhone, their number has dropped to 24.2 percent in September, which was 25.8 percent during the launch of the iPhone 7 in 2013 and 31.4 percent in 2015.

China’s smartphone maker Huawei has defeated Apple for the first time since its slow sale in June-July. According to Counterpoint Research’s latest ‘Market Pulse for July 2017’, China’s Vendor company is second in the world after South Korean company Samsung. Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi have successfully made their access to major supply chain partners, allowing them to launch a design with an incomplete, full display, increased reality, in-home chipset and advanced camera features. has gone. According to Tarun Pathak, Associate Director of Counterpoint, the growth of Chinese brands is a significant trend, which no one can ignore the big player of the mobile ecosystem.

According to the FT report, Apple buyers awaiting super-premium iPhone X and the weak demand for the iPhone 8 has partially been blamed. It has been said that Apple’s new models – iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus – are not performing better than previous launches in China. The fall in Apple’s popularity in China is also because buyers in the market are showing more interest in mid-budget phones rather than expensive models.



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