How To Fix Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU Error 2020


The error in Windows Modules Installer Worker is a very common one any Windows operated device, especially if you are using windows 10. This error pops up on your computer screen when Windows Modules Installer Worker stops responding and that lead to high CPU usage.

If you have this error, don’t panic, here we have provided with easy methods on how to fix this error. There are two methods that we have provided so that if one doesn’t work for you, you can move on to the next method. We have tested these methods our own devices and we can ensure you that they are completely safe.

Windows Modules Installer Worker – EXPLAINED

It is a tool that comes built-in into your Windows Oriented Device and the object of this tool to regularly look for any windows software updates. The software automatically functions in the background and fixed detected bugs on your PC.

To perform its function, Windows Modules Installer Worker needs to run continuously in the background that causes consumption high CPU storage. This is the reason that sometimes your PC becomes very or even unresponsive.

How to Fix Windows Modules Installer Worker Error?

It is actually pretty straightforward and easy even for a newbie. We have tried several methods to fix the Windows Modules Installer Worker High Disk usage error but most of them don’t even work.

So, here we have provided two easy methods that actually work.

METHOD 1 – Switch Automatic Updates Windows to Manual Updates Windows

As mentioned earlier, Windows Modules Installer Worker error comes when the tool uses too much of the CPU usage when running in the background. So, to fix this you can turn off automatic updates on Windows to Manual settings.

Here are easy steps to follow to get rid of this glitch and you will be able to disable the automatic updates on your Windows computer.

Step 1 – On your Keyboard Press Windows button + R. Now a RUN dialog box will appear, then type ‘service.msc’ and click on OK.

Step 2 – After pressing OK, a new window will appear. In this window look for ‘Windows Modules Installer’ after hitting search option in the top-right corner of the new window.

Step 3 – After you have found ‘Windows Modules Installer’, open it after double clicking on it. A new window will pop-up. In the new window, find ‘Startup Type’ and using the drop-down list convert ‘automatic’ to ‘manual’. Hit the OK icon after that.

Step 4 – Now go back to services.msc and this time look for ‘Windows Update’ and again set the startup type to Manual.

Step 5 – After the above steps go to control panel and look for Windows Update.

Step 6 – Open Windows Update, go to settings. Choose ‘‘check for update but let me choose whether to download and install them’ and hit OK.

Step 7 – Reboot your computer.


Sometimes the error presented is due to TIWORKER.EXE which also linked to Windows Update.

Step 1 – In Windows 10, Press the Windows button and search for ‘Troubleshooting’.

For older version of Windows, find Troubleshooting in Control panel.

Step 2 – In the new window that pops up, In the left-hand side look for ‘View All’ and click it.

Step 3 – In the new window, locate ‘System Maintenance’ and just click on it. It will locate errors for few minutes and then fix it. Reboot your computer after its completion.

METHOD 3 – Clear Boot or Reset

If the above methods do not work for you, the final choice is to perform the following steps to clear up CPU spce by deleting unwanted files.

Step 1 – Press on Windows, and look for msconfig.exe.

Step 2 – After you the new window, select normal setup and click OK.

Now Go ahead and restart your system after following the mentioned step.

After reboot, you will not be seeing the error anymore.

We hope you were able to fix the Windows Modules Installer Worker Error and if there any issue don’t hesitate to hit us up on our social. Thank you!



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