How to Expertly Use High Value Cards in Online Rummy


Indian Rummy is a skill-based card game that every household has played as a pastime. Today you can play it online by downloading the rummy app on your mobile phone or simply accessing the game over your desktop or laptop. The objective of an online rummy player is to create sets and sequences and then declare the game. The one, who declares the first, is the winner. The opponents, who have maximum points on their hand, are ranked the lowest.

How to Count the Value of Cards in a Hand?

Counting the points is based on the face value of the card. Here is how you could the value of cards in a hand.

  • For instance, the card with number 3 carries three points, the card with number 2 carries two points, and henceforth.
  • High-value cards, such as King, Queen, and Jack, are known as face cards and carry 10 points each.
  • Ace can be worth eleven or one points.

It is obvious that high-value cards are least desirable as losing a game with these would mean losing with maximum points. Keeping high-value cards is a risk as well an opportunity. If you can form a sequence or set with these, and win the game, you are at an advantage. However, if you lose the Rummy Patti game, it means each of the high-value cards will cost you 10 points each.

In the following post, we will tell you about how to play rummy online, expertly with high-value cards like a pro.Indian Rummy Card Game

How to Play Online Rummy Wise with High-Value Cards?

Below given are strategies of utilizing high-value rummy cards with ease.

  1. Discard

If you think any of the Kings, Queens, or Jacks are helping you to form a set or sequence, then you may discard the card as soon as you get the opportunity. It is important that you have a pure sequence in the hand. And if any of the above-given cards hold a possibility to form a pure sequence, you should keep the cards and wait for the next card in queue. As most of the players get rid of such face cards, you stand the chance of getting the much-needed card soon.

  1. Hold on, But Not for Too Long

So, you have a Queen and Jack of spades, and probably waiting for a King or 10 of spades. But how long shall you wait for the card? If you think you have been waiting for too long, then you may just want to discard the particular high-value cards. Even while discarding, you need to be careful. If the immediate opponent in your online rummy circle seems to have a requirement for that card, you may hold on for a longer time.

How will you know if your rival requires the card you intend to discard? To know, you must be observant throughout the game and study his/her moves. For instance, the opponent had picked 9 of spades then it is possible that he/she may have 10 of spades, and may pick the Jack of spades that you plan to discard. However, you need to risk it sometimes and do away with certain cards to proceed in the game.

  1. Only Draw from Discard Pile If Sure

Have you made a pure sequence already? If so, it is safer to form a set with high value cards. Only in such case, should you draw a high value card from the discard pile? Pick the King, Jack, or Queen, if you are sure about your hand, and the sequences sets you have made or intend to make. If any of these cards is a joker, you will not be able to pick a discarded joker. This goes to signify that you should not discard a high value card, if it is a joker. The card then becomes a wild card and can be used as a replacement to any card you require.

Final Word

Playing with high value cards in a classic rummy game can be complicated, but not if you know how to use these cards smartly. Study your moves and that of the rivals carefully to take the right decision. Follow the above-mentioned tricks and you will be able to sail smoothly through the game and win it.



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