How Jio phone is different from other feature phones Know Here


Nearly 4G phones coming out of Reliance Jio came in the market as well as created a tremendous stir. Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries, took the cover from the Jio 4G phone at the company’s annual general meeting this year. Since launch, the discussion about the specifications, pitches, and drawbacks of Jio 4G phones had started. The most important thing is that the user will not have to pay any price for the Jio phone, i.e. the customer will have to deposit only 1,500 rupees for three years as security. Which has been promised back three years later? In this way, the effective cost of the phone is zero in one way.

Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani called ‘India’s Intelligent Smartphone’ at the time of launch. This phone has many features like VoLTE calling, Jio app, internet and video calling, which makes it different and special from other feature phones present in the market. At the launch of the company, it was informed that after the pre-booking started in August, the phone will start receiving from September 21. We tell you how the Jio Feature phone differs from other feature phones.
First of all, talking about the network used on the phone. Jio phone supports 4G and comes with VOLTE network. It connects itself to the Reliance Jio Network itself. That means that no other network SIM card can be used in Jio phone. You will be able to call make HD calls, the SIM card of any telecom network can be used if the second feature phone is available in the market. This is a huge upgrade for feature phone user.

Jio phone comes with a single sim slot. And there is space for a nano-SIM card in it. That means you will not be able to use more than one SIM in the Jio phone. And if you want to use two numbers together then you will need another device. Today, while most of the devices in the country come with dual SIMs, it is disappointing to get single SIM support in the Jio Phone. Most of the other feature phones which are available to buy in the market support dual sim.

The third feature is the voice command which separates the phone from the second feature phone. There is a Voice Assistant in the Jio Phone, which can handle basic commands in English along with Hindi. Will be able to search on Google. And can compose SMS by speaking. Basic tasks such as calling or launching apps can be done. This feature is not available in the second common feature phone.

Feature phones contain very simple task-oriented apps. But in the Jio phone, you will find apps like Jio Music, Jio TV, and Jio Cinema. on Jio Store you will find all the apps that are made for the phone. These include Jio Cinemas, Jio TVs and Jio Music such as Jio Music. The music is streamed. You can watch television serials and there is also a cinema for fun. The news is that in the coming time, separate apps for YouTube and Facebook will be available.

Looking for feature phones, the convenience of media streaming in Jio phones makes it different from other common feature phones. We also tried to stream songs on the JioMusic app and it did a good job. We also launched the Jio Cinema and Jio TV app and found that streaming on the 4G network is great. We were able to stream the whole cinema on the phone. No more common feature phones have been facilitated for media streaming.

Jio phones also have NFC with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can use NFC for Tap & Go Payments. For the moment, this feature has not been rollout. And with the help of future updates, you will also be able to make payments with the addition of a fund, account, bank account and debit card. These two features are also not available in the second common feature phone.

You will also be able to view the contents of the phone on the television screen in the future. The company will soon provide a cable TV accessory for this. The phone has a software update feature. The company will update the OTA. Hopefully, Reliance Jio will make more features in this coming time as part of this phone.

You will also be able to make a video call. The Jio Phone comes with a video calling feature, which you do not find in any other feature phone. Video calls are possible through a special app. At the moment, you will find this special feature on the Jio Network.




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