Google released free backup tool For MackBook and Desktop Computer


New Delhi. Google has launched a free tool that allows users to back up their computer’s files. This backup of computer files will be stored in the cloud. The most important thing is that you will not have to pay money to use this tool.
These are for users
Google has brought to this tool MacBook and Windows computers. This tool automatically uploads the files and folders you select from within the computer to Google Drive. Please let us know that any previous backup tools of Google have been replaced by this new tool.

More than 15GB data will be given on the money

This Google backup and sync tool have up to 15GB limit. This means you may have to pay for more cloud backup. Under this backup and sync feature, you can take automatic backup of files and folders saved on the computer to Google Cloud. This backup tool is so fast that the desktop folder itself will be created in Google Drive and your backup will be stored directly.
Use Google Backup Tool to do this

First of all, download it to your desktop. Please log in and install it. Next, select the folders you have to back up. It can select folders like desks, documents, and photos. After that enter the folder location. After this, the data stored in the drive as soon as you start will sync to the computer. You will be able to access it from your computer. Apart from this, the folders you select for backup will automatically be stored in the cloud.



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