Google Announces its new Android Version named Android Oreo

Google's Android Oreo 8.0

New Delhi: The world’s leading tech company Google has officially launched the next version of its mobile operating system in the US. This time the company named the name of its operating system on a sweet, this time it has named it ‘Android Oreo’. In a report released late on Sunday, the company said, “On 21st August, the whole of America will get a glimpse of the solar eclipse after 1918. Android is helping you to understand and understand this historic natural phenomenon, and during this time you will be impressed with the many new super powers of Android, which will be revealed during the launch of Google Android O in New York City.

The company has said that soon Android Oreo software updates will be released for devices like the pixels C and Nexus Player, including Google pixels, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P smartphones. The new Picture In Picture mode, the new Notification Dot, and Bluetooth audio playback will be found in the Android 8.0 version. It is expected that the release of ‘Android O’ software updates will be released by the end of this year for the recently launched premium smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and HTT U11. According to reports, 85% of the devices running Android have not been able to get the update of Android Noga released last year.

Through the updated version of Android, you will also be able to watch YouTube videos. Apart from this, you do not have a Google phone yet, you have to wait a long time for the latest version of Android, but after the launch of Google O, customers will not have to wait too much. New updates will also improve boot speed. The company claims that the time it takes to switch from phone to switch to the home screen, it will double in Google pixel phones. Apart from this, the Android will now club together similar notifications. They will still manage related apps, but the user will be able to decide what things will look like on each channel now. This will make navigation process easier for users.



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