Good News For Jio Users, Company Announces Free Renewal of Jio Prime Membership

Good News For Jio Users, Company Announces Free Renewal of Jio Prime

Reliance Jio has announced its new plan one day before the expiration of the prime membership. Reliance Jio has given reasons for his crores of users to be happy once again. All Jio Prime Users, who had Exclusive Membership Benefit for up to March 31, 2018, would now be getting the Prime Benefit for the next one year at no extra charge. The company has given this information on Friday by issuing a statement.

The company has said that in order to get the benefit of the Prime Membership for existing customers, they will need to express their interest in taking the free membership for the next 12 months through the MyJio app. There are currently 17.5 million Jio prime members. Jio-Prime membership for new Jio users (1 April 2018 and above) will be available for an annual fee of Rs 99.

Jio has said in his statement that the constant availability of the Jio-Prime membership for new subscribers reiterates the commitment of the living to provide a different kind of digital life experience to Indians and this step will make it the world’s largest loyalty program.



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