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How to Get Started with Jio Phone with these 7 easy tips

Due to the Jio Phone, the interest of people in the feature phone has increased once again. But there are many features in this phone that you will find in the smartphone. If you have got a Jio phone then by now you will be very much impressed with its user interface. But there are many features that can not be directly accessed. You need to explore many of the settings options to reach them. We have prepared a list of many tips and tricks related to the Jio Phone for your convenience so that you are not having any problem while using the handset.

How to Import Gmail Contact in Jio Phone

When setting up your new Jio Phone you will first want to import your contact. If your Jio SIM is already in contact, then you can copy them to the phone. If your contacts are present on Google or Microsoft account, then copying them to the phone will not be easy.

To import contacts from a Google Account to Jio Phone, first, open the Contact app. Then select the settings option on the right-hand side. After this, scroll down to the bottom and reach the import contacts. Choose Gmail option here. After this you will be asked about the Gmail ID and password. You give these details first. After this you have to grant access to Kai OS. After this, whenever you open a contact account, Google contacts will appear in the live phone. Explain that the contact here is once imported. Like a smartphone, your Gmail address book does not sync again and again.

Similarly Contacts can be imported from Outlook contact. You have to select Outlook in the option of Import Contacts. Use your Outlook ID and password to get a contact.

How to Change Interface Language

Support for 22 languages in the Jio Phone is available. These include other languages like English, Hindi, Marathi, and Bengali. To make the interface language your choice, go to the Personalization tab on the inside of the Settings app. After this, scroll to the language option. After that click OK. Then choose the language of your choice. As soon as you select a new language, the entire interface of the handset will be transformed into that same language.

How to forward calls

If you want to use the Call Forwarding feature in your Jio Phone, open the call settings in the Network & Connectivity tab. Now scroll up and reach call forwarding. Choose the option of your choice here. To turn this feature on, you also have to give the second number.

Setup screen lock

If you want someone else who is not able to access your Jio phone without the consent of the person, then you can lock the passcode. Open the Settings app for this. Now go to Privacy & Security and select the screen lock. Choose the option to activate the screen lock here. After this, the handset will ask you to choose a new screen lock. After this, you choose a four-digit passcode that you can remember. done. You have set the passcode. Now the same password will be used to unlock the phone.

Using Jio Phone via USB for File Storage

When you find a Jio phone, you will not be able to transfer files from any storage device in it. Because this feature is not active by default. To enable it, select the Storage tab in Settings. Then select the USB storage option. Select the option here. After this, you will be able to transfer the file via USB cable. However, if you have set the passcode to lock the phone, then you have to unlock it to transfer files to the phone.

Prevent website from tracking itself

Jio Phone’s default web browser records your online activity just like any other browser. You will not get the option to delete your history in the official app. You also have to go to the Settings app for this. After that scroll up to the Privacy & Security tab. Select the browsing privacy option here. Here you can remove browsing history and data stored. This is where the Do Not Track option allows you to stop tracking on a website or app.

How to check software updates

The Jio Phone is a feature phone that comes with many smart features. But all these smart features do not work perfectly, like digital payments. The handset is present in the handset but the software feature will be provided through the OTA update. If you want to check whether your phone has got software updates or not. You have to go to the Settings app. Select the Device tab here. Then select Device Information. Now scroll down to LYF Software Update. Here you can get information about OTA updates.

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