Get 50% More Data in Idea’s Rs.198 Prepaid Plan

idea rs 198 plan

Idea has made some changes to his 198-rupee plan, which will be directly benefited by customers. The company is now offering more data on this plan and in return, there is no additional charge. Through this change, the company is trying to prevent its customers from choosing Reliance Jio. This plan has now been upgraded to Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh Circle. Idea subscriber will now get more than 50 percent more data than the first Rs 198.

This plan was launched in October with 1 GB data. Now customers will get 1.5 GB data. Clearly, this 1.5 GB data is for a total of 28 days, not every day. The user, who recharged from the Idea website or MyIdea app, will get 1 GB extra data from the company. So the total data will be 2.5 GB.

In addition to internet data, Idea’s plan comes with the convenience of unlimited voice calls. Voice calls are free on all networks, STDs also with locals. It is also possible to send 100 SMS without any payment every day. However, there is a limit to unlimited calls. The user can talk up to 250 minutes free in a day and the limit is 1000 minutes in a week. In addition, the subscriber can not dial more than 100 different numbers in a week. If you talk more than the specified limit, then every call will have to pay at 1 paisa per second. Similarly, after the expiry of the data limit, payment will be made @ 4 paise per kb.

In comparison, Reliance Jio’s plan comes with Rs 199, with 28 GB data. Customers get 1GB 4G Speed data every day for use. Apart from this, free calls and SMS are available. The subscription of the Jio Apps is free only. Vodafone and Airtel also have plans for this price, but they come with the convenience of only 1 GB of data and unlimited calls.



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