Facebook created a map of 23 Countries


SAN FRANCISCO: In order to expand the Internet in every corner of the world, Facebook has said that it has prepared a data map of the human population of 23 countries by mobilizing information from satellites in conjunction with the government’s population data. According to SENABC, Facebook’s Strategic Innovation Partnership and Sourcing Head Jenna Lewis said that mapping technology can detect any man-made structures within five meters of any country on Earth.

Facebook will use this data to understand the human population, which will help determine whether the Internet service is based on the ground – or in the air or in space – using it to reach those customers. Which can not be the Internet (or very low quality)?

“The satellite is going to provoke all of us. Our data shows the best way to connect cities through the Internet in the sky.” Lewis said this in the Space Technology and Investment Forum, which Spice Foundation sponsored this week in San Francisco. Louise said, “We are trying to connect people with space through Earth based network.” Facebook said that it has developed this mapping technique itself.



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