Facebook accepts the adverse effect of Social Media, Says People Using It In a Wrong Way

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According to recent studies and research reports, there is an unhealthy effect on us due to excessive use of social media. Facebook, biggest social networking website has once again come under fire from different quarters, who criticize the business model of Facebook. People spending more than two hours on social media are believed to be having socially isolating behaviour.

Facebook has refuted all such claims saying it has invested more than a million dollars in the social behaviour and social research. The facebook was created for communication, and if it is used actively for messaging family and friends, then there is no such thing as an adverse effect on the people. If someone just visits Facebook to scroll through other’s post and feed which is also called passive use, then it may have some social adverse effect on the people.

Well, in that case, most of us fall in the passive group who are just able to scroll past our post feed.Social media has been accused of past too of creating an only attention-grabbing model of business, which many suggest is a wrong model for a responsible business.

What started as a friend’s profile network on the college campus has become the biggest social media giant in the universe. It has unexpectedly multiplied its offering and services since the time it was launched. It has acknowledged the negative effect of social media but defends itself saying people affected are using it in wrong way.

It says that there is compelling research on the topic but that does not represent the whole story. As there both good and bad sides of a technology and it is entirely dependent on the way we use it. Facebook research director and research scientist in a blog post said that Facebook employs social analysts and social psychologist to understand the way Facebook can be made a better place for everyone.

So, According to Facebook, you should actively engage on the platform; sharing, messaging, commenting and talking with close family and friends.You should not be a passive user of the platform. They believe it is a platform to share joy and happiness with closed ones and friends.

Future of Social Media

Technology is our choice of the tool which we can employ to do good in the society, but that is not the always case as we all know. It might be prudent decision to allow yourself to have a proper social media routine before it becomes an inseparable limb.

there is the negative effect of social media as observed in many research reports, so it becomes a responsibility of the websites and users alike to maintain order and activity on the web which reduces such behaviours.

Facebook acknowledging the effect of social media on the society is a small yet powerful boost in the right direction of generating a platform of active engagement and less addiction. The social media addiction is a real thing and if not addressed at the right time with the right approach, it can become a menace to the society.



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