Electric Vehicle Expo 2017, Technology revolution is only Way Forward


The recent Electric vehicle expo 2017 organised in New Delhi, where many electric vehicle manufacturers participated was a game-changing moment for the Indian electric vehicle industry. As many as 40% of electric Vehicles are believed to be on the road by 2030 as believed by Society of Indian automobile manufacturers(SIAM).

India aims to reduce its carbon emissions by introducing electric vehicles.The emission of greenhouse gases mainly carbon by our daily day to day activities is measured as our carbon footprint.The other greenhouse gases include methane and ozone which are measured in terms of carbon.

It believes that it can significantly transform its fuel based vehicle onto electric vehicles. The recent tender by EESL of procuring electrical of electric vehicles to replace the current fuel-based government vehicle is a welcome move towards that direction.

Electric Vehicle For India

In the Electric Vehicle Expo 2017, many latest models of Electric three-wheelers, Scooty and a two-wheeler were presented by companies such Lohia and ETOT. The electric vehicle is the future of transportation if we wish to save the planet earth and reduce pollution.

The technology revolution is the biggest revolution the world has ever seen in terms of impact on people and business. Technology has the power to change the life of people and scale of business, and continuous improvements in it have made it affordable. every sector is benefitted by the role of technology in their field but the most important sector is the social good sector.This sector has the direct effect on most of our population in India.

Making technology that improves this sector is the most challenging and rewarding in terms of business and growth of a particular technology.Today, we see many start-ups directly involved in various social problems which are affecting millions of people in India.A country like India has many social problems and technology adoption has worked in reducing this problem effectively. The digitization would top the list in terms of the impact it has made in our social lives. The process of digitization is taking the Indian people and business into the technology-friendly world where technology becomes a  man’s best friend.

Technology Revolution in Social Sectors

The future of impact of technology on social sector can be imagined by considering various parameters.These parameters include how easily and widely the technology is implemented, the required infrastructure investment in implementation, number of people affected by that particular technology.

We can imagine a future of automation, where a human is no longer involved in the mundane task and instead uses his energy and creativity into bigger problems. a world run by solar power and alternative sources of energy to reduce global temperature.Health care agents monitoring the health status of a district.

Every technology has a direct or indirect effect on the lives of people, hence creating and adopting technology which has a greater impact on our lives is the only way forward for large technology integration.Social change is particularly a difficult process which requires multi-pronged approach towards a solution which benefits every stakeholder.People are achieving success in their respective field through the use of technology and will continue to do so.



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