Are You Thinking Of Buying Bitcoin, Is it safe for Long Term Investment


Bitcoin has brought hope to the people, and they could not be more right than this. It is the perfect time for the digital currency to establish itself as the leader of the future payment system. The traditional currency system has a lot of limitations and remains a currency which is controlled and regulated by a central authority.

Many countries in the world have the same system where a central regulatory bank act as a controller and regulator for the entire money supply in the market. Digital currency has challenged the old system and put forward an innovative path of payment, where we do not require any third party in the transaction. The kind of popularity it has found in such a short span of time is the proof of its applicability and usability in the current market.

Is BitCoin Safe for investment

Bitcoin is one of the safest and secure investment decision. There is no third party involved in the transaction. There are multiple digital currency Exchanges in India, where you can buy or sell your bitcoin. The first criteria for investing in the bitcoin is having to understand the volatile nature of it. Its value reached more than 17000 USD in the international market. People have been quite skeptical about buying it, but in recent times thing have changed pretty quickly.

The large-scale investment in the cryptocurrency has made it one of the most promising and bright investment decisions in the trading. Japan is the leader in the Bitcoin market, where this currency has even found legal tender status. Since it originated in Japan and very much accepted currency in Japan, It remains majority influenced by Japanese traditional currency. currently, there is more than 800 kind of cryptocurrency in the market and this has created a big opportunity for big corporations and investors to utilize the benefit of the bitcoin.

Future Of Bitcoin In India

India is experiencing a massive adoption of Bitcoin as a safe investment which has made other countries to rethink their strategies about the Bitcoin. While the RBI(Reserve Bank Of India) has made it clear that people investing in bitcoin must do it at their own risk as it is not regulated or licensed under any category in India. The current cryptocurrency exchanges running in India are Zebpay, Coin delta, Koinex, BTC exchange India etc. who have seen a surge in their customer base, since the price of bitcoin skyrocketed in the year 2017. The future of bitcoin in India is safe until government brings any regulation to control it or ban it completely as done in a few countries such as China.

Although Indian cryptocurrency exchanges maintain a stringent KYC/AML process, there is always a sense of fear among investors about the safety of their money. digital currency is a unique concept which has provided power in the hands of people. The rising prices are an indicator of the fact that it is here to stay. The number of startups offering unique innovation using digital currency has been rising since it became defacto currency of the digital world.



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