Apple to Launch Foldable iPhone in 2020


it is now in the news that Apple may come with folding iPhone. According to media reports, it is believed that Apple could launch this phone before the expected. Apple is working on a fashionable smartphone. According to Bank of America news, Apple Suppliers in Asia has convinced that the company is working on the foldable iPhone. This phone can be launched in 2020.

If media reports are to be believed then the forthcoming iPhone can be in the tablet’s look. This will be a device that will work for both Phone and tablets. First of all, Samsung started working on a foldable smartphone. Samsung’s foldable smartphone has long been the subject of discussion. Over the years, working on a fashionable smartphone is being done. However, such a phone has not yet been offered by any company. Samsung has also convinced that the company has been working on a flexible smartphone for many years. There are speculations that Samsung’s Galaxy can be 10 foldable. At the same time, there are reports that Apple is working with LG to produce new iPhones.



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