Aliens Might Destroy the Planet with Just a Single Message Says Researchers

Aliens Might Destroy Whole Life on Earth with Just a Single Message Says Researchers

As much as the eagerness of the people of the earth is concerned about the aliens. Now people researching aliens say that if aliens send a message, then it is better not to open it. They believe that a message from aliens can also destroy this planet.

In the joint research by Professor John G. Linde of the High Energy Physics Group of the University of Hawaii, Michael Hippke, an independent scientist at the Sorbonne Observatory. It is said that any messages from the aliens must be deleted immediately. If it does not happen then the earth can be in danger.

Both of these researchers gave their research paper ‘Interstellar Communication. IX Message Deception is Impossible “-” Any complex message found in the space will require computers to display, analyze, such a complex message will not have a complete possibility to completely remove any malware or threat, There will also be dangers, which can be a threat to our existence. ‘

Further in this research, it was written, ‘However, it has been debated that the other creatures living in the universe are not a threat to us, but still, no possibility can be ruled out. For anyone, sending a message will be much easier than sending a betship, and a message can lead to many types of damage.



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