Alexa-Powered Terminator Speaker Would Feature Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Voice


Alexa has announced the launch of its latest advanced technology in the form of voice-controlled speaker that has been modeled after Terminator series. The personal assistance of Amazon has come up with the design of the 18-inch (in height) Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton Multimedia Speaker system. This amazing-looking Alexa-powered speaker features glistening red eyes resembling the character of the deadly cyborg played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the famous sci-fi movie series.

This multimedia speaker system would feature the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. It sports a camera that is used for monitoring the home in your absence. The users can also ask questions and order services through this multimedia speaker by talking to Alexa directly.

The alloy-built of the speaker ensures a strong overall design and the entire unit has been designed by AC Worldwide. AC Worldwide is renowned for making such high-tech gadgets and has also made a series of Star Wars-inspired speakers in the past. The latest Alexa-powered Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton multimedia speaker system is currently available on Kickstarter at a price of $300 or AU $450.

AC Worldwide claims this Terminator speaker to be one of its biggest project in the present era. Therefore, the company is seeking funds for the complete build-up of this high-end multimedia speaker. The founder of AC Worldwide, Karl Grimsey claims that the speaker might feature a camera that would support night vision as well. Moreover, it is also expected that the streamed data can be stored in the cloud system. AC Worldwide has started a crowd funding event for starting the proper manufacturing of the Terminator-inspired speakers for all the Terminator fans out there.

This is a must-have speaker at home for the hardcore Terminator fans out there. Go get one for yourself now by making a pre-booking today itself.



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