3 Variations of Roulette Around the World

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Roulette probably originated in a French monastery, where the game offered
relief from an otherwise quiet and monotonous lifestyle. Dating back to the
mid-1600’s, this game has a long history of intriguing its players. Though the
premise is simple, there are several roulette variations available, giving
players plenty of choices to explore.

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Roulette’s popularity is on the rise. A strong Latin American player base caused
roulette to see its highest volume in years when it achieved $2.1 billion in
wagers in 2012. Wins from roulette were up 58.87 in Nevada in February 2017
compared to the previous year. Roulette is a favorite for casino players around
the globe, offering a variety of playing options to keep things interesting.

The basic premise of roulette is simple. The dealer spins the roulette wheel in
one direction and the ball in the other on a tilted track. Players bet on where
the ball will land, selecting a specific number or a range of numbers such as
reds or blacks, evens or odds, or other more complex options.

French Roulette

French roulette is considered to be the original version of roulette. Other
variations ultimately stem from this one. French roulette uses what’s known
as the European roulette wheel. This wheel features 37 pockets numbered 0
through 36. The table features French notations rather than English, and the
La Partage rule and En Prison bet apply.

The La Partage rule indicates that the dealer will divide all even money bets
in half when the spin lands on zero. En Prison adds a second element to this,
giving players the option to place their even money bets “in prison” when the
wheel is on zero. If the player wins on the next spin, he gets his En Prison to bet
back in entirety. The house edge is 1.35 percent when La Partage is in play.

European Roulette

European roulette uses the same single-zero European roulette wheel that you
find in French roulette. The table is in English rather than French. Though La
Partage and En Prison may apply, they typically do not. The house edge for
European roulette game without La Partage is 2.7 percent.
European and French roulette are often confused with one another, and these
terms might be used interchangeably. Always check the rules of the table
before placing your bets to make sure you understand how that particular table is run.

American Roulette

American roulette uses a different wheel. The American roulette wheel
features 38 pockets including both a 0 and 00. This increases the house edge
significantly to a whopping 5.26 percent. The payout on wins is 35 to 1 in all
forms of roulette, but the odds of winning are lower in American roulette
because of the extra zero pocket on the wheel.

American roulette tables often have a racetrack on the betting table that’s
not commonly found in European and French games. The racetrack features
special bets such as Tiers, Voisin du Zero, and Orphelins. You can easily place
complex bets on the racetrack simply by setting your chips on the appropriate

With so many options available, you can easily change up your betting
strategies while sticking with your beloved roulette. Experiment with a few different roulette tables to see which one is your favorite and try your luck on
this engaging casino wheel.



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