Sandeep Sharma Loses Cool Arguing Empire for No Ball


Sandeep Sharma who is the Main bowler and the Main Wicket Taker of KXIP seen arguing on field empire(Nand Kishor) yesterday for no-ball. Actually, Nand Kishor Called a delivery no-ball which was thrown Successfully. but Sandeep Sharma was really shocked.

The Incident happened in the 5th over when Dwayne Smith was batting aggressively taking advantage of the wicket at Mohali yesterday and after it, Sandeep Sharma decided to come round the wicket but the batsman on Non-striking end was Dwayne Smith and he didn’t change his position. The empire holds this bowl as no ball stating that Sandeep should inform umpire that he is changing the side so he should update the batsman at non-striker end too.

There was a long discussion and delay in the match as the umpire hasn’t changed their decision Sandeep loses her cool and arguing empire to change their decision. As Sandeep said that He has warned the empire about changes In between Glan Maxwell comes in arguing empire about this decision overall nothing happened and Sandeep bowled another ball.

Watch the Video Right Here

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