Not about Kumble but See What Kohli Said on New Selection of Coach


After resigning from Anil Kumble’s post of the coach. BCCI has started the selection process for the new coach. Ravi Shastri, Virender Sehwag, Tom Moody and many veterans are in the race for the post of coach. Venkatesh Prasad has also joined the race. In his resignation, Kumble accepted the difference of opinion with Virat Kohli. However, Kohli had refused to say anything about Kumble saying he respected him. Indian captain Virat Kohli on Thursday will definitely say something on the selection of a new coach.

Kohli clarified that if the BCCI would like to know his views on the selection of the new coach, then he will give his opinion on this. Given the proximity of Kohli to Ravi Shastri, many people believe that he can be his choice for the post of coach. When Kohli asked his opinion on the new coach, he said, “Personally, I can not say anything. We will keep our point as a team only when the BCCI will ask us to do so. Kohli said that there is a process for this and personal opinion does not matter in it.

He said, “This is a process by which we always pass and we respect as a team, it is something that can be told to the team not to a single person, whenever it happens in this process. Then we will give our suggestions to the BCCI. When the same question was asked in another way, Kohli said, “Suggestions are given to the BCCI. There is no point in saying openly anything because whenever we are asked, we have to keep our point in front of the BCCI as a team. Kohli said that his goal is to win the series in the West Indies.

He said, “We are now playing in a series and our focus is on this. The process is at its place and which is under the control of the BCCI, we are not paying any attention to any other thing. Kohli said, “We have to win our priority series and be ready for the upcoming match.



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