Injury Floors Bolt And Ruins Final Farewell


London: Among the greatest athletes in the world, Jamaica’s Farrata runner could not take gold farewell. Bolt was involved in the 4x100m team of Jamaica. They had to race in the last lap. Three runners from his team completed their laps, but in the last lap, Bolt got injured after running some distance and fell to the ground. With that he could not complete his race. Gold host of the tournament was met by the Great Britain team. Silver by American Relay Team and Japan won bronze medal.

When the 30-year-old Boltte stood there, he had two competitors ahead of him. Bolt insisted on pushing them out but he could not do it. After running a distance, he stopped suddenly due to injury in the left leg muscles. He began to falter and fell to the ground in a while.

Bolt had fallen down. They were brought to the wheelchair but they refused to sit on it. The world’s fastest man, with the help of his teammates’ shoulders, finished the last 30 meters.

The official result was that Jamaica’s team did not complete the race, but Bolt, who won 19 major championships in the career, was fully committed to complete his last race.

This was going on in Bolt’s mind, he did not conform to the expectations of his teammates.

Jamaican team’s runner McLeod said, “He was constantly being apologized to us but we told him that there is no need to do this.” He said that Usain Bolt’s name will always be alive.



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