Indian Team Bowler Jasprit Bumrah grandfather forced to run Tempo to earn Money


Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand: Pacer Jasprit Bumrah is making crores through the Indian Cricket Team and the IPL, but his grandfather Santokh Singh Bumrah is forced to raise his tempo in old age. 84-year-old Santokh Singh lives in a rented house in the Housing Development Colony in the wing of Udham Singh Nagar district of Uttarakhand.

After the father’s death, Jaspreet and his mother Daljit had separated from his grandfather for family reasons. They never met grandfather again. Daljeet was then a principal at the school.

Santokh says, “It is my wish that the grandson should make great progress in the game of cricket and illuminate the name of the country. My last wish is that once I can put my grandchildren on my heart.” Santokh Singh has called for financial help from local SDM Dares Durgapur.

Was the owner of three factories, now tight

Santokh Singh is originally from Ahmedabad, where he had three factories in his fabrication. In 2001 Jasvir Singh died due to jaundice, his son and Jaspreet’s father. The son’s death broke him. Factories were flooded with the financial crisis and the banks had to sell them to repay the debt.

In 2006, they came to Udhamsingh Nagar and bought four tempos and started running between them in Rudrapur. The fortunes were also thrown here and the three tempos were sold. Jaspreet’s uncle is disabled and grandmother has died in 2010. Jaspreet’s aunt, who lives in Ahmedabad, has spent only a long time spending up on father Santokh Singh and his brother.



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