Holkar Stadium Tickets are being Sold on Facebook and OLX Price hikes upto 3 times


Indore: In the Holkar Stadium on Friday, the tickets for the second T20 match between India and Sri Lanka have been sold by the MPCA, but now they are being sold on social media at three to four times the rate. There are offers to sell tickets on Facebook and OLX. Rs. 650/Ticket is being sold at Rs 200, Rs 900/Ticket is being sold at Rs 3500 and Rs 450/ticket is being sold at Rs 1800. Tickets are being purchased by those people, who are not able to buy tickets in line.

Cricket Lovers Buying Match Tickets at Expensive rate

  • MPCA has closed the sale of match tickets. After this, those people who are not able to get match tickets in line are buying match tickets through OLX and Facebook.
  • MPCA has installed a special barcode machine at every gate of the stadium. If the tickets are fake, this machine will not open and even if there is a ticket, the audience will get the entry. Do not twist or tear the audience ticket, because this will not give the machine time code and you might not get an entry.



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