Hardik Pandya in new Hair style before Sri-lanka tour Did you See


New Delhi: Team India is scheduled to tour Sri Lanka. There are three test matches to be played between the two countries. In the recent past, Hardik Pandya, who has made his headlines due to his explosive batting and brilliant bowling, has also been given a place in the team. Pandya is also known for her stylish look. Pandya has changed her look before the tour begins. He posted photos of his new hairstyle on Instagram. Been viral when posting a picture.

Famous Hair Designer Alim Hakim has given a new look to the hearty Pandya’s new hair style. The Hakim had designed the hair of Team India captain Virat Kohli. Like the fans, the new look of the hearty Pandya is very much liked. Fans have given their feedback in different ways. However, some fans have not liked their new hairstyle. His new look has got 235,833 likes so far.


Hardik Pandya has also written with his photo while praising the hair stylist’s governor – really! You are a magician, only then we want you so much. Alim princes are also seen in this collage of photographs.


Virat Kohli’s choice is becoming hearty
Having recently won the West Indies series, Virat fervently admired Hardik Pandya and Kedar Jadhav in the new players. He said that the players like Pandya and Jadhav are happy with being in the team and they both came with aggression in the lower order batting. Virat had said, ‘You can not take any team lightly. You can not pick Hardik or Kedar on the third or fourth position, nor can you lower the top-order batsmen.



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