Football superstar Lionel Messi tied up with his childhood friend


Star striker Lionel Messi of the Argentinean and Spanish football club Barcelona, tied the knot in a grand ceremony on Friday night in a grand ceremony. Messi married his childhood female friend Antonella Roccuzzo. Many celebrities and legends of the world attended the ceremony. The ceremony was organized in Messi’s hometown Rosario. Messi, 30, on June 24, and Rocuzzo, 29, living together since 2008. Messi and Rockujo are already the parents of two children before marriage. His two sons Thiago is 4 years old and Matteo is 21 months old. Significantly, Messi and Rocukjo have known each other for the last 25 years. When he was five, he has friends since then. Messi’s childhood has lived in Rosario, and whenever he gets a holiday, he goes there.

There were more than 250 friends and family members in the marriage of Messi, the only player in the world to win the Ballon d’Or title five times. Among them, many big football stars were also involved. About 450 police officers were deployed for the security of the Samroha site. More than 150 journalists from around the world have been invited for marriage coverage. According to the media report, pop star Shakira and her husband Gerard Peak, Louis Suarez and Neymar also reached the wedding. Cameron’s footballer Samuel Eto first arrived at the ceremony. After this, the arrival of the guest started. Messi’s partner and Argentinian striker Sergio Aguaru accompanied his girlfriend Kareena and Ces Fabragas with his girlfriend Daniela Seaman. The progress of the guest gradually continued.

He also attended the ceremony

Messi’s friend and former Barcelona player Xabi Alonso, Cesc Fabregas and Carles Puyol reached with their wife to take part in the ceremony. The famous footballer of Uruguay, Louis Suarez, also came with his wife Sofia Balby at the ceremony. This football superstar had dressed the Argentine designer Claudio Casano’s designated Armani suit at the wedding ceremony. The red carpet was laid at the entry gate of this hotel in Rosario.



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