Boycott India In Icc Events Javed Miandad Tells Pcb


Karachi: Pakistan’s great cricketer Javed Miandad told the PCB that he would boycott playing matches against India in ICC tournaments. Miandad, who has played 124 Test matches and three times coach to the national team, he said that the time has come when Pakistan should take strict steps in the cricket relations with India keeping in view national interest and dignity.

He said, ‘This is the time when we should answer the brick with stones. If they are not interested in having bilateral relations then there is no need for us to play with them at any level. We should boycott the play against them in all the ICC tournaments. ”

Miandad said that asking for India to play bilateral cricket was useless. He said, “I think that when we will not play in ICC events in India and the financial loss to the ICC as the importance and interest of the tournament will be reduced, we will be honored and we will be heard equally on any platform. ‘



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