Snow Prank By Funk You on Hot Girls in Goa


Well, the team of Funk You has reached BITS, Goa as they have been invited by the students to play pranks over there. And they made up mind of a different prank this time!

Yes, they approached people, especially pretty and hot girls, over there and warned them about a person who was spraying snow on everyone. The details of appearance that they gave were exactly their own and it came as a surprise when they started spraying snow. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

You Just Can’t Miss To Watch Epic Reactions Of People! Let’s Watch The Video To Enjoy The Real Happenings:

Unsurprisingly, reactions were likely to be mixed, as on one hand, individuals who love pranks were delighted and on the other, there were some who didn’t like it too. Well everyone has his/her own temperament but the impression that we get from this video is that the students of BITS, Goa are fun loving and have good sense of humor.

What will be your reaction if you face this type of situation? How did you find the video? Share your views in the comments section below.

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