Simple Reasons why Rahul Gandhi should become next Prime Minister in 2019

New Delhi : Congress Party Vice President Rahul Gandhi at a meeting with members of the Fishermens' Congress in New Delhi on Wednesday. PTI Photo by Shirish Shete(PTI9_6_2017_000091A)

Few people might find this question most funny political question ever but if you go behind the facts, be logical and be serious for a short moment, you will also realize that these facts “Why Rahul Gandhi should become next Prime Minister in 2019” are not just logical but also very relevant to present political situation of India. Today when the government of a nation is in the hand of a single person instead of commutative decisions of a whole nation called “Diplomacy” we are going back to the situation of British Rule when one ViceRoy had all the power in his hand.

Rahul Gandhi or more commonly called as Rahul Baba possibly have more of a friendly figure amongst the youth of India rather than any other competitor in Indian politics. This is why we think he is the most eligible candidate for Prime Ministers of India:

We need an educated person, not just a literate

I hope you understand the difference between an educational qualified and a literate person. A literate person can read and write but an educated person can understand the things clearly. Sometimes, words find a different meaning than the whole sentence, only an educated person can go to that understanding. Mr. Gandhi is a pass-out from Harvard University, Rollins College, and Trinity College. I hope you are well versed with these names. One does not simply even get admissions in these colleges.

His education has taught him to understand various details of projects even technically. Today, India needs a person who can represent the nation in front of world leaders and media. Most of Indian leaders and politicians depend on a translator to dictate their speeches for them. This mostly loses the feel and strength of the words.

Yes, Rahul Gandhi is a Dynast

We can also say that Prime Ministership runs in his blood. Starting from Jawaharlal Nehru and followed by Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi, managing the government of India has been a family tradition for him. I personally find such people more skilled than anyone else.
Let’s have a look at this with an example.

Don’t you think that a son of a farmer who had been taught to grow crops all of his life can yield better results than a person who learned about farms sitting in a classroom? Exactly, that is the case here. Rahul has seen various political scenarios in India very closely. Can you name even a single other person who has this qualification for Prime minister post in India?

He spends more time between Indians

You cannot run a good government until you understand basic issues of the citizens. And those issues could not be understood while sitting in an AC room. This is what Rahul Gandhi is good at and this is also why Rahul Gandhi should become next Prime Minister in 2019. Other great politicians of India (I don’t want to name them) don’t spend as much time in Rural India (India resides amongst Villages) in 5 years as much Rahul Baba does in a single year.

We had enough of GrandPa Looks

Have a look at the present and previous few Prime Ministers of India. They look like my grandpa. How can I expect a person with a white beard to represent young India? This reminds me of a famous Hindi quote “Boodhi Ghodi, Laal Lagaam”. Even the little girl in my neighborhood thinks that only a person who has crossed his 50s can apply for Prime Minister post. Funny, Right? Well, kids learn what they see.

I think it is a time when a person who is enough young and outgoing, represent the youth of India. Afterall, India is one of biggest youth power in the world. Besides, let a woman from other nations take interest in our politicians (Pun Intended).

He does not dominate others

Even the Holy Geeta (spiritual book) teaches that a king or a ruler must never dominate over their staff. A ruler must have friendly relations with everyone around him or her so that people feel free to aid him with important advice. Similarly, a prime minister might have to take some actions which may not yield benefits for his or her loved ones but could be beneficiary for Indian citizens. Rahul Gandhi has that relationship with his followers.

People accept Rahul Gandhi as a leader

We already know what all Congress has done for the nation. India would probably not had as much development as we have today. All it came just because of the practices are done by Congress government. Not only Congress but most of Indians accept Rahul Gandhi as a leader for future India. National Congress is also bringing a new amendment to announce Rahul Gandhi as next party chief. And I don’t need to remind you of the number of girls who want to marry him right now (again pun intended 😉 ).

This whole article about why Rahul Gandhi should become next Prime Minister in 2019 could not include all the regions why he is the most eligible candidate for next elections. Surprisingly, there is not even a single another person who could even stand beside him in this competition. A few politicians running parties in one or two states dream of this post but how could their party know what the whole nation thinks? Rahul Gandhi is associated with a national Party which has more social workers and volunteers in the whole nation than any other party and thus could fetch real data.

I know I will be targeted by many opposing parties for this article. People will criticize me and might abuse me. But that shall not stop me from what I find more logical and beneficiary for my nation. I want a person who can actually avail me good job opportunities rather than telling me that unemployment is better for this nation. I need a leader who can help me earn money rather than banning the notes in my pocket. And I find Rahul Gandhi most eligible to fulfill that post.



  1. Thats true, He is very Capable and Intelligent, he doesnt talk rubbish, within a month his social media has shown what level of expertise he has got, Rahul4PM


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