The Political Drama of The Gujarat Election 2017


An election in India has been one of the most celebrated symbols of democracy. It is always a test for the incumbent government as well as opposition to prove their worth in front of the people. They employ every trick possible to garner attention and votes. This year, we are witnessing the Election in Gujarat, home turf of our current Prime Minister, who also has been three times Chief Minister of the State. This fact was enough to create a sense of curiosity and judgement among every political commentator.

The Propaganda

What started as election campaign soon turned into smearing campaign between politicians. They forgot their portfolio and marched to Gujarat. Announcing fat claims and bigger lies to gain political point became their only agenda. If for a moment you think of it as a debate happening between politicians, You could only hear bigger lies about each one of them. Some of the key facts about Gujarat Election 2017 are mentioned Below.

  • It is the 14th Legislative assembly election for Gujarat
  • VVPAT(Voter-verified paper audit trail) fitted EVMs are being used in the Gujarat Election 2017
  • There are more than 43 million registered Voters in the Gujarat Election 2017
  • There are 182 Legislative assembly seats in the Gujarat
  • Majority of Exit Polls have already predicted victory For the BJP

The Noise Makers

Many politicians wish to remain in the news during the election, no matter what the reason is. There are many such cases in each election and this election is no exception. Some dig old graves to score political brownies and some teach a lesson on nationalism to opponents. A few of the noisemakers in the Gujarat election 2017 are Narendra Modi, Mani Shanker Aiyar, Md. Niyazi, Hardik Patel, and Rahul Gandhi. The Noise cycle moves in circular fashion meeting each one of them at different points in time. While someone leaked a video clip of Hardik’s Private life even real campaign started, Mani Shanker found himself distanced from his own party for his foul language for the Prime Minister.

The Conclusion

The dance of democracy never fails to amaze political pundits and politicians. People choose their best candidate to represent them in the assembly. India and many states, in particular, have been key drivers of Democracy in the India, and Gujarat is one of those states which has a track record of setting the political spectrum balanced. It remains to be seen which side does the wind blows after so much of pressure created by candidates without any real deal for the people.



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