No Kejriwal Will Emerge From My Movement Again: Anna


Anna Hazare has once again showed his dislike towards Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) head Arvind Kejriwal lately with hopes that similar hijack of his movement will not be repeated.

Addressing a public meeting on Tuesday at Agra city’s Shahid Smarak the Social activist said he does not want any Kejriwal to emerge from his movement.

Hazare is learned to be organizing a big rally next year in Delhi and has urged the farmers to join him. He has announced a stayagraha against the current government on Martyrs’ Day, March 23.

Kejriwal was an important part of Hazare’s anti-corruption movement in 2011, but later segregated away launching his own political party with the motive to contest election and pave the way to the Assembly. His party formed government in Delhi and he became the CM.

With the movement Hazare wanted to get the Jan Lokpal bill passed in the Lok Sabha and to support agitation he held hunger strike too. Within days he became the symbol of common man and Kejriwal emerged as steadfast believer of the old man.

Following the success of the movement in accomplishing goal rifts started and Kejriwal looked to counter corruption problem by being in the system and as a result to become a politician first.

With the formation of AAP political outfit Hazare started distancing himself from Kejriwal and his team blaming he has been used as a ladder.

The octogenarian said, “During his election campaign, Mr. Modi promised the appointment of the Lokpal and Likayuktas at the Centre and the States but has failed to deliver.”

Accusing the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government at the center the anti-corruption crusader said the prime minister is evading farmers’ issues and has weakend the Lokpal Act as the amendment is against the original format.

Talking about data the veteran leader added about twenty lakh farmers have committed suicide in past twenty-two years and so he is launching a nationwide agitation in March.



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